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Pneumatic Air Gauge Snaps ensure highly repeatable quality control 

The Air Gauge Snaps stand for high precision and reliable measurements. They are made for manual gauging as well as mounting into fixtures and automatized measurement machines. 

Pneumatic Air Gauge Snaps stand for high precision and reliable measurements

With the Air Gauge Snaps of HOMMEL ETAMIC you check the quality of your workpieces with compressed air. They are available as hand tools or installed in a fixture or machine. They can be used in combination with a pneumatic display or a measuring computer.

The Air Gauge Snaps are extremely robust and dedicated for harsh production environments. The measuring results are highly precise and repeatable. As they are simple to use even employees without any special knowledge can easily perform safe measurements. This saves costs, time and resources.


  • Extremely robust: Able to withstand even the toughest production conditions.
  • Repeatable: Reliable measurements with precise results.
  • Easy to operate: No special knowledge required.
  • Maintenance-free: Simple cleaning ensures reliable function.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive Industry: Inspection of workpieces in the toughest production environments.

Gageline AG300 - standardized Air Gauge Snaps

Reliable measuring of your workpieces ensure first class quality.

AG300 - Standardized Air Gauge Snaps
Within the AG300 family you will find a variety of types and sizes of Air Gauge Snaps.
They are available as hand tools or installed in a fixture or machine.

The range of hand-gauges extends from 15 mm to 105 mm, depending on the requirements with one, two or three measurement levels.
Two interchangeable protection caps prevent any damage and guide the operator to place it correctly onto the workpiece.
Two contact surfaces ensure the best repeatability and accuracy.

Air Gauge Snaps for usage in fixtures are available from 9 mm to 45 mm, depending on the requirements with one or two measurement levels and either with or without centering prism.
The version with centering prism is holding the workpiece, thus less separate prisms are required.
A variety of different measurements can be performed at the same time by combining several Air Gauge Snaps.


Gageline AG380 - flexible Air Gauge Snap

AG380 - Flexible Air Gauge Snap

The AG380 is an adjustable Air Gauge Snap and can be set to the required workpiece diameter.
Here with it can be used very flexibly within a defined diameter range. The adjustment principle is very easy thanks to a simple spacer and a fast clamping system.

The AG380 is available for four different diameter ranges (17 mm to 48 mm). It’s available either with an integrated prism or with a separate prism. This flexible Air Gauge Snap has the same accuracy and repeatability as other standard Air Gauge Snaps.


  • Flexible: Fast adjustment to different diameter sizes
  • Cost-saving: Less investment costs with different workpiece sizes
  • Repeatable: Comparable accuracy just like non-flexible Air Gauge Snaps
  • Availability: Short delivery times as only the spacer is workpiece specific


Customized adaptions

Complementary to our range of standard components we also design customized Air Gauge Snaps for your measuring task. Our experience for decades ensures the best solution for your measuring task.

Just contact us!


  • Individual: Length and position of the pneumatic air jets are designed to fit your measuring task.
  • Sophisticated: Benefit from our long-lasting application and design expertise.


  • Automotive Industry: Inspection of shafts and other cylindrical components of the drive train.

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