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Mobile or Stationary Air Spindles for various measuring tasks

The air spindles are suitable for either mobile or stationary use, with different air jets ensuring perfect measurement results.

Air Spindles for various measuring tasks

Our air spindles use compressed air to measure the quality of your workpiece with maximum precision and reliability. They are also characterized by their exceptional durability. The air spindles are extremely robust and do not require any special maintenance. With regular cleaning, they will continue to deliver consistently accurate results even under the harshest manufacturing conditions.

To ensure optimum inspection and measurement of your specific workpiece, HOMMEL ETAMIC supplies different versions of its air spindles. Two or more air jets guarantee best possible results, whereby the air jet type depends on the diameter, surface texture and required measuring range. Not only can you select your specific air jet model, but you can also define its length and position. In addition, you can decide whether to perform manual inspections with the air spindle or whether to install it in an automatic measuring station.


  • Different air jets: use the right air jet for each workpiece
  • Flexible: stationary or mobile use of air spindles
  • Highly durable: able to withstand even the toughest production conditions
  • Simple adjustment: no aids or tools required to adjust the air spindles


  • Automotive industry: inspection of workpieces in the toughest production environments

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Customized mobile or stationary air spindles

To be able to provide you with the right air spindle for your requirements, we require the following information from you:

  • A drawing of the workpiece to be tested
  • Diameter, tolerance and surface texture
  • Specification as to whether the diameter is continuous or stepped
  • Desired material of the pneumatic spindle
  • Your required measuring range
  • The pneumatic combination if the air spindle is to be connected to a pre-defined pneumatic unit

Our experts can offer competent and comprehensive advice to ensure that you receive the perfect pneumatic spindle for your individual requirements.

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