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Dimensional portable measuring instruments and manual gauge fixtures combine convincing performance with maximum precision

With the manual gauge fixtures and portable measuring instruments, you can immediately identify even the most minimal deviations of your components from the standard.

Identify minimal deviations from the standard

Dimensional metrology checks the diameter, length, spacing, shape and position of your workpieces. Three different measuring methods are used for this purpose: pneumatic, tactile and optical. The metrology you choose depends on which measuring task you wish to complete.

Pneumatic metrology impresses with a very high resolution. In addition, it is extremely robust and resistant to dirt, making it ideal for use in tough manufacturing conditions in industry. Jenoptik plays a pioneering role in the field of pneumatic metrology. Our pneumatic method conforms with the stringent requirements of DIN 2271 — Jenoptik took on a leading role in the revision of this standard.

The tactile method uses contact probes that record the measured values extremely quickly. Tactile probes are typically used for multipoint metrology. For these tasks, the individual measured values must be detected quickly to maintain a short cycle time. The optical method also takes measurements within an extremely short timeframe as well as being highly flexible. 

The Jenoptik solution allows you to combine the advantages of the different metrologies. In addition, we develop customized systems for highly complex measuring tasks that take your individual wishes and requirements into account. We can ensure that you are able to produce workpieces of a consistently excellent quality. You benefit from our years of experience and our diverse range of knowledge.


  • Flexible: Combine the advantages of different metrologies.
  • Versatile: Individual solutions for dimensional measuring tasks.
  • Easy to use: A single software package for all products.
  • Standard-compliant: Pneumatic metrology fully complies with the requirements of DIN 2271.


  • Automotive industry: Measure engine components.

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