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Robust ring gauges operate under toughest production conditions

The potential applications of the pneumatic ring gauges are as flexible as they are diverse. You use them to verify and measure the quality of your workpieces.

Pneumatic ring gauges - Checking under particularly tough operating conditions

The pneumatic ring gauges from Jenoptik are the ideal means of checking workpieces under particularly tough operating conditions. They are extremely resilient and easy to maintain. Even when subjected to extreme stresses, the pneumatic ring gauges do not require any special maintenance. You merely need to clean the rings to ensure consistently accurate and reliable measurements – even in tough production environments, such as those encountered in the automotive industry. This saves you time, money and resources.

You can use the ring gauges as a manual gauge or as a permanent fixture installed in a machine. Depending on your individual measuring tasks, the pneumatic gauging components are supplied with two or more nozzles. We can also produce custom models to suit your own specific requirements. All the while, you benefit from the vast knowledge and extensive experience of our experts.


  • Precise: Measure reliably and with high repetitive accuracy.
  • Flexible: The ring gauges are suitable for mobile and stationary applications.
  • Robust: Able to withstand even the toughest production conditions.
  • Maintenance-free: Simple cleaning ensures reliable function.


  • Automotive industry: Inspection of workpieces in the toughest production environments.

Customized robust ring gauges

To be able to provide you with the right ring gauge for your requirements, we require the following information from you:

  • A drawing of the workpiece to be tested
  • Diameter, tolerance and surface texture
  • Specification as to whether the diameter is continuous or stepped
  • Desired material of the pneumatic ring gauge
  • Your required measuring range
  • The pneumatic combination if the ring gauge is to be connected to a pre-defined pneumatic unit

Our experts can offer competent and comprehensive advice to ensure that you receive the perfect pneumatic ring gauge for your individual requirements.

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