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Optical shaft measuring technology of the Opticline product family

The new generation of optical measuring systems supports you in quality control directly in production.

Opticline CA Messtechnikanlage

Opticline series

The measuring systems of the Opticline optically scan rotationally symmetrical workpieces. They thus measure the shafts without contact and are suitable for partially or fully automated use, especially in the automotive industry, the production of turned and ground parts, and in medical technology. In a very short time, complex workpieces of various sizes are analyzed directly in industrial production. The Opticline measuring stations impress not only with their high measuring speed and precision, but also with their optimum ease of operation thanks to the "Tolaris Optic" measuring and evaluation software. Operator influence is almost completely eliminated at the Opticline measuring systems. All measurement results are documented and stored in an audit-proof manner. The Opticline thus ensures an efficient and controlled manufacturing process and guarantees production quality.

The technology of optical shaft metrology is constantly being further developed. Thanks to their robustness, Opticline measuring stations can be easily integrated into production lines and used for 100 percent measurements. They are built modularly on a standardized platform and customized with additional features. For example, optical measurements can be supplemented by tactile sensor technology to produce a 3-D analysis. Opticline measuring stations are durable and virtually wear-free - it is not for nothing that Opticline products have been in demand on the market worldwide for more than 30 years.

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