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Roughness and Contour Metrology

Waveline measuring systems offer you numerous evaluation options in the field of mobile and stationary surface measurement.

Measuring Instruments for Measuring Contours and Roughness

Wide range of roughness measuring devices

Our product range consists of mobile surface measuring instruments, stationary measuring systems for manual and automated roughness, contour, topography or twist measurement, as well as combined systems for roughness and contour measurements. We also offer measuring stations tailored to meeting your specific measuring requirements.

Our measuring systems operate with high precision and reliability in accordance with current standards. They are easy to operate and are ideally suited for daily use on the shop floor and in the metrology lab. Waveline solutions are the result of our years of experience and comprehensive know-how and can be configured for different measuring tasks depending on the requirements.

Cable-free roughness measurements in flexible use

Waveline handintegrated prism

Mobile surface roughness measurement

Whether on the shop floor, on the production line or in the metrology lab, our mobile roughness devices are the ideal partner for reliable and precise measurements. With their functional design, the devices fit securely in the hand and are positioned precisely on the workpiece.

With various probes and a large range of accessories, they master the most diverse measuring tasks with ease. In terms of accuracy, they are in no way inferior to stationary measuring systems.


  • High precision: Precise and reliable measurement.
  • Versatile: Mobile and stationary measuring instruments for different measuring tasks.
  • Compliant with standards: Meet the strict requirements of international standards.
  • Easy to use: Intuitive state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly software.

Mobile roughness measuring


Mobile measuring devices for your applications

Waveline W5: lightweight, small and with long-life battery

Easy operation and reliable measurement results

Waveline W5

Waveline W5 with printer

The mobile roughness measuring device Waveline W5 convinces with safe and highly precise roughness measurement. The system is positioned precisely on the workpiece and does not slip. It weighs little and is compactly built so that you can guide it perfectly in mobile use. What's more, the rechargeable battery won't let you down even with frequent use: One charge is enough for more than 800 measurements.

The roughness probes can be changed easily and quickly, meaning the W5 can be used for countless different measuring tasks as required. The intuitive click wheel and color display ensure that you can operate the mobile roughness measuring device particularly easily.

As an option, you can expand the measuring system with the Waveline P5 printer. To connect the two components, simply use the modern Bluetooth® technology. This allows you to print out your measurement results directly on site without the need for any additional connection cables.


  • High measurement quality: Mobile device with robust, calibrated roughness probe
  • Compact and light: Easily portable thanks to the compact design and weight of just 270 grams
  • Durable and wireless: Up to 800 measurements possible with just one battery charge; print out via Bluetooth® technology
  • Easy to use: Intuitive click wheel operation for parameter selection and all instrument functions
  • Clear: Large color display, allowing easy reading of tolerance evaluation results
  • Large memory capacity: 5 measuring programs, 100 profiles or 10,000 measurements
  • Documentation of the measurement results: optional printer with Bluetooth® technology for instant printout
  • Measurement in all positions: also on vertical surfaces or in overhead position
  • Optional software: Evovis Mobile for direct control in online mode or further processing of measurement data in offline mode

Waveline W10: Mobile roughness tester with integrated printer

Mobile roughness measurement in any position, including transverse probing

Waveline W10

Waveline W10

The Waveline W10 measuring device is ideally suited for mobile roughness measurement. It allows you to monitor the surface quality of your workpieces directly in production. The handy measuring system has extensive functions. It offers reliable and precise measurement both during traverse probing and in overhead and vertical positions. The integrated roughness standard is used to quickly check the device and thus ensures consistently high measuring accuracies.

A thermal printer is integrated in the W10. This makes it possible to document the measurement results immediately. Tolerance evaluations, profiles, Abbott curves and statistics can be printed out straight away. The measuring device offers you seven different programs as well as the option to test the instrument. All functions can be operated in a user-friendly manner via the modern color touchscreen. No time-intensive training is required, which saves you time and money.

Optionally, you can extend the measuring system with the Evovis Mobile evaluation software. This was specifically developed for mobile measuring devices, is PC-based and considerably expands the roughness measurement functions. It works in online and offline mode and supports you in selecting the measurement conditions. It also automatically saves your print forms.


  • High-precision: exact measurement of all common roughness parameters
  • Compliant with standards: meets the requirements of international standards
  • Versatile: allows transverse probing, and overhead and vertical measurements
  • 90° probe rotation: for measurements on deep surfaces, in grooves, in recesses or between collars
  • Practical: wireless data transmission via Bluetooth® interface; integrated charging cradle for LV17 feed unit
  • Easy to operate: large, intuitive color touchscreen
  • Clear: results display with tolerance evaluation, surface profiles
  • Immediate verification of the device: integrated roughness standard
  • Optional software: Evovis Mobile for direct control in online mode or further processing of measurement data in offline mode


Flexible mobile surface roughness measurement

Maximum flexibility and efficiency in daily measuring practice

W820 & W920 with instrument table

Waveline W800 & W900

All measuring station configurations are modular in design and can therefore be easily expanded at a later date. With these systems, you measure surfaces exactly as it fits your individual infrastructure and your specific measurement tasks.

At the same time, the measuring systems are easy to operate and have a wide range of analysis options thanks to the Evovis measuring and evaluation software.


  • High precision: Accurate repeat measurement results.
  • Versatile application: Can be used for roughness and contour measurement.
  • Automated measurement run: Probe arm rises and falls independently.
  • Flexible: Probe arms are easy to change.

Fields of Application

  • Bearing industries: Sleeve bearing, slider bearing, ball bearing.

Roughness and contour measuring systems for your applications

Waveline W600: compact measuring systems with simple operation

Simple operation and flexible use

W612: Measurement

Waveline W612 Digiscan for contour measurement

Waveline W600 roughness and contour measurement systems are easy to operate and, with manual height adjustment, a wide range of mounting options and high measurement quality, are the ideal companion for measurements close to production.

System features

  • Universal, easy-to-use measuring system
  • High measurement quality thanks to stable mechanics
  • Unique traverse concept for optimum accessibility of the measuring points
  • Modern touch probes with high resolution
  • Interface for probe systems for either roughness or contour measurement with TKU400 or Digiscan probe system
  • Quick-change adapter QCA enables quick probe system changeover with minimum retooling time due
    to automatic probe recognition
  • Sophisticated probe arm technology
  • Probe arms with magnetic coupling for fast and easy probe arm changeover
  • All contour probe arms with RFID chip for simplified calibration and automatic configuration
  • Measuring points freely accessible thanks to unique traverse unit concept
  • Later expansion of the measuring system possible

Waveline W800: modular system concept for maximum flexibility

Modern probe systems for safe measurements

Waveline W812 stationary measurement

Waveline W812 roughness measurement

W800 measuring systems have been developed for roughness and contour measuring tasks associated with typically manual or semi-automatic measuring processes. The systems are easy to operate and offer a great variety of analyses thanks to the performant measuring and evaluation software Evovis. The result is the highest standard of measuring accuracy in the shortest time.

The quick-change adapter enables probe systems to be changed over without having to use any tools. Probe arms and probe system are equipped with magnetic coupling making the exchange of probe arms easy and fast. This means you can take a flexible approach towards all of your measuring requirements.

The system automatically detects the intelligent contour probe arms with RFID identification and adjusts the optimal measurement conditions, thus practically eliminating operating errors and incorrect measurements.

System features

  • Universal, easy-to-use measuring system
  • Modern, high-resolution probe systems
  • High measurement quality thanks to stable mechanics
  • Sophisticated probe arm technology
  • Unique traverse unit concept for optimum access to measuring positions
  • Probe arms with magnetic coupling for fast and easy probe arm change over
  • All contour probe arms equipped with an RFID chip for simplified calibration and automatic configuration
  • Quick-change adapter QCA enables quick probe system changeover with minimum retooling time and automatic configuration feature
  • Horizontal motion of the probe system occurs via the traverse unit enclosure, meaning the probe arm is always in front of the traverse unit
  • Control panel for easy, direct operation of the most important measuring and control functions as well as emergency stop function with restart at interrupted axis position

Waveline W900: fast measuring axes for maximum precision and performance

Short cycles for ultra-precise measurements

W920RC stationary measurement table

Waveline W920 with instrument table

The Waveline W900 series was developed for measuring tasks in high-performance areas, e.g. in the environment of automated process chains. The systems have two interfaces for coupling the touch probes and optionally additional axes for automating measuring sequences. The arrangement of the touch probes and the innovative traverse concept ensure optimum access to the measuring points.

W900 measuring systems are used especially in automated measuring sequences for particularly fast and precise results. With their measuring axes, they guarantee short measuring cycles for complex measuring tasks and thus meet the highest demands on measuring technology. The high-precision traverse unit delivers excellent measuring accuracy in conjunction with the Nanoscan touch probe for combined roughness and contour measurement.

System features

  • Fast measurement technology
  • Highly flexible, dynamic measurement
  • Excellent measuring accuracy in combination with Nanoscan probe system
  • Extensive options for automated, CNC-controlled measurement runs
  • Dual operation of two probe systems; a roughness probe system can also be installed on the front of the traverse unit; also suitable for optional rotary module
  • Optional motorized tilt unit for precise adjustment of the tilt angle and automatic alignment of the probe to the workpiece level
  • Measuring Z column with linear scale at a resolution of 0.1 μm for measurement of vertical distances outside the Z measuring range of the probe; requires probe arm with double probe tip
  • Additional motorized Y axis or X-Y axis combination for automatic zenith search, topography measurement and workpiece positioning
  • Optional rotational axis for roughness measurement on cylindrical workpieces in circumferential and axial direction


Modular stationary measuring systems

Individually designed, automated roughness and contour measuring stations

Waveline W820 Digiscan with optional CNC axes

Automated solutions offer CNC controlled roughness and contour measurement. The measuring stations are extended by additional axes and/or handling systems – perfectly matched to the respective measuring requirement.

We also design measuring stations that are individually tailored to your needs.

Task-specific automation options

Optional automated axes

Adding CNC axes to Waveline W800 or W900 measuring stations for automated measuring sequences

Waveline W820 Digiscan with optional CNC axes

Waveline W800 Digiscan measuring station with CNC axes

Fully automatic measuring stations offer reliable, operator-independent measuring sequences for both random sample measurement and 100 percent inspection of complex components. They are configured workpiece-specifically with CNC axes and fixtures. Thus, the systems perform complex measuring tasks on the respective workpieces fully automatically.

System features

  • Automated surface measurements for workpiece-specific applications

  • Independent, simultaneously operating CNC axes

  • Individual fixtures, optionally with automatic identification of the workpiece

  • Extensive safety features

  • High reliability due to sophisticated technology

  • Simple measuring program creation for fully automated processes via Evovis software

  • Transfer of measurement results for further processing to statistics programs such as qs-STAT®

Optional handling systems

Extension of the Waveline W800 or W900 measuring stations with handling systems

Waveline W920 Nanoscan with Cobot

Waveline W900 Nanoscan measuring station with cobot

Fully automated measuring stations offer reliable, operator-independent measuring sequences for both random sample measurement and 100 % inspection of complex components. With the help of handling systems adapted to the measuring station, not only components are moved, but also probe arms are exchanged according to the measuring task and the measuring program.

System features

  • Fully automatic measurement of roughness and contour in one sequence

  • Processing of parts magazines without operator intervention

  • Fully automatic probe arm change and recognition

  • Positioning of the parts for optimal accessibility of the measuring point

  • Interfaces to different measuring and handling systems

Semi-automatic measuring stations Waveslide

Individual, semi-automatic measurements

Waveline W920 Waveslide with air slide

Waveline W900 Waveslide

Waveslide measuring stations are individually tailored to suit specific measurement tasks. They are based on proven system components and provide reliable, semi-automatic measurements in the manufacturing environment. These systems are extremely robust and operate with high precision. Workpiece positioning is manual via guided air slides, the measuring process is fully automated.

System features

  • Manual, simple positioning of the workpiece (alternatively of the measuring column) via air slide

  • Guided X-Y positioning via air slide with additional fine adjustment

  • Suitable for large and heavy workpieces

  • Flexible use for roughness and contour measurement tasks

Fully automated measuring stations Wavemove

Individual, fully automated measurements

Waveline W920 Wavemove

Waveline W900 Wavemove

Wavemove measuring stations offer individual, CNC-controlled, fully automatic roughness and contour measurement on the shop floor. They are based on the W800/W900 platform and are expanded workpiece-specifically with up to eight independent CNC axes and workpiece fixtures. This ensures the precise measurement of all required features - completely without operator influence and fully automated.

System features

  • Automated surface measurements for workpiece-specific applications
  • Robust measuring stations suitable for production
  • Transfer of measurement results to programs such as the qs-STAT® statistics software
  • Flexible system concept for numerous applications
  • Simple measurement program creation
  • Independent, simultaneously operating CNC axes
  • Individual workpiece carriers, optionally with automatic identification of the workpiece
  • Extensive safety features
  • Also suitable for large and heavy workpieces


Examples for automated solutions

Waveline W920RC


Waveline W820C


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