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Metrology System

Metrology solutions for any industry

Gageline offers dimensional measuring solutions that can be integrated into your production processes. The degree of automation and the technology used depends mainly on the production requirements and the measuring task.

From simple measuring stations to fully automated solutions

Gageline solutions are robust and precise thanks to “plug-and-play” technologies that can be used as stand- alone control devices, or integrated into manual, semi- automatic, or fully automated measuring solutions that deliver scalability and evolve with your processes.

Dynamic measurements as well as statistical process control (SPC) insure part quality through interlinked measuring machines that are integrated into the production line.

The following examples show Gageline applica tions ranging from simple, manual measuring stations, to fully automated measuring machines, all capable of being seamlessly integrated into your production processes

Simple, cost-effective measuring chain

Pneumatic air spindle

Manual tabletop gage for inner diameters

Simple manual measuring stations consist of three basic components: a measurement display, a pneumatic or tactile measuring device, and a master (standard). These gages are inexpensive, easy to use, do not require prior knowledge and deliver immediate measurement results.

Customer requirements

  • Workpiece: ball joint pickle fork separator
  • Measurement of two inner diameters
  • Post-process, 100 percent control operation
Air spindles AG100

Air spindle with two elongated jets

Gageline solution with air tooling

  • Mounting on table
  • 2 Pneutamic digital comparators
  • 1 air spindle with 2 levels for the 2 diameters and elongated jets to take into account the surface finish
  • 2 standards according to DIN 2250 B (Min/Max)

Special features

  • Immediate display of measurement results
  • Ease-of-use
  • Portability

Expandable bench gage measuring system

Manual bench shafts

Manual bench gage for shafts

Measuring stations similar to these are normally placed close to the production line and can be used for taking sample measurements, or for final inspection. Work- piece loading/unloading, measuring and mastering are completed manually by the operator.

Customer requirements

  • Workpieces: Drive shafts of a ten-speed gearbox
  • 3 shaft types
  • Multiple O.D. sizes ranging from 23 to 39 mm
  • Tolerance range from ±7 µm to ±13 µm
Manual bench shafts adjustable fixture

Gageline solution with air tooling and tactile sensors

  • Fully adjustable table top fixture
  • Multi-sensor compact bench gage
  • 1 special tactile snap measuring device for the ±13 µm tolerance range
  • 2 mastering standards according to DIN 2250 B (Min/Max)

Special features

  • Interchangeable/replaceable non-contact air snap gages
  • Dual pneumatic and tactile technologies for management of different tolerance ranges
  • Compact measuring station

Bench gage table top system

Manual station measuring

Manual measuring station for cylinder heads

Manual measuring systems range from very simple solutions, to more complex systems that integrate dozens of different measuring devices. This is the case with cylinder head inspection with hand-held air tooling for example.

Customer requirements

  • Workpiece: 2 different off-road vehicle cylinder heads which are bulky, difficult to handle and have small margins of tolerance
  • Ergonomic measuring station
  • Reliable measuring results
  • Part features:
  • I.D. of exhaust guides, intakes and bores
  • Roundness and concentricity
  • Seat angle
  • Radial run-out of the valve seats
Gageline valvescan

Air spindle with two elongated jets

Gageline solution with air tooling

Bench style gaging station utilizing multiple manually operated pneumatic devices that allow the operator to fully inspect a cylinder head.

  • 3 pneumatic Valvescan gages mounted on balancers (2 for intake and exhaust and 1 for the exhaust)
  • 3 air gages for seat angle control and seal control
  • 3 air gages for valve seat control
  • 2 DIN 2250 B Min/Max standards

Special features

  • Dynamic measurements
  • Non-contact pneumatic measurements
  • Retractable overhead reels for ergonomic workstation

Semi-automatic I.D. and O.D. solutions

Gageline measuring system

Compact pneumatic measuring station Gageline SG500

SG semi-automatic solutions are capable of static and dynamic measurements for inner and outer diameters on cylindrical workpieces.

These types of systems are suitable for:

  • I.D. and O.D. checks on different levels
  • Dynamic measurements for I.D. or O.D. workpieces (profile evaluation)
  • Scan/Match between mated workpieces
  • Conicity

Customer requirements

  • Workpieces: valve body and valve shaft
  • Measurement of valve body I.D and valve shaft O.D.
  • Automated measuring sequence
  • Deviation check between mated workpieces

Gageline measuring system

O.D. measurement

Gageline solution with air tooling

  • Valve body I.D. inspection on multiple levels
  • Valve shaft O.D. inspection on multiple levels
  • Manuelle Beladung, automatisierte Messabläufe
  • Manual load, with automatic measuring runs
  • Synchronous recording of measured values and position in Z (using CANopen motion controller)
  • DIN 2550 B Min/Max standards

Special features

  • IP65 protection for use on the shop floor
  • Easy test plan control
  • Automated measurement sequences
  • High linearity due to precision high pressure pneumo-electronic transducer
  • Fast measurement cycles

Semi-automatic measuring stations

Semi automatic measuring station

Semi-automatic measuring station for seat rails

Semi-automatic measuring stations are capable of managing a high number of measurements thanks to cutting edge metrology software, fully automated sequencing and extremely capable hardware. Part loading and unloading can be completed manually, or automated through conveyor, robot, or other automatic part handling technologies. Customer specifications play a large part in determining the which one is utilized.

Customer requirements

  • Workpieces: seat rails
  • Dimensional measurement of
  • Profiles
  • Bearing rolling zones
  • Lock interface
  • Measurement conditions
  • Cycle time <1 minute
  • Manual operator load
  • Manufacturing environment
  • Check of 40 essential dimensions, more than 120 in total
  • Different rail lengths
  • Measurement of first batch parts
Semi automatic measuring station

Part-specific tactile measurement

Gageline solution with tactile sensors

  • Semi-automatic, off-line tactile measuring solution
  • ZDB inductive sensors with XP206 measuring blocks
  • PS100 measuring communication modules
  • CANopen communication protocol
  • Sirius measuring computer with evaluation software
  • Part compensation management
  • Mastering standards based on part design (Min/Max)

Special features

  • Robust system technology
  • Industry 4.0 machine communication
  • Mastering standards based on series production part
  • Fast measuring times with >120 measurements per minute

Fully automated turnkey solutions

Full automated turnkey project measuring cell

Automated in-line measuring station for gears

Fully automated “off-line” measuring solutions utilize tactile and pneumatic technologies, in combination with automated part handling capabilities, and are typically integrated parallel to the manufacturing line. The pneumatic and/or tactile sensors are engineered to rigorous specifications and are placed according to customer part tolerance requirements. The evaluation software manages the test plans, pilo- ting of the part and/or sensors, and if required ensures part classification and sorting.

Customer requirements

  • Workpieces: Hybrid powertrain gears
  • 100 percent high speed production control
  • Measurement of dimensional part features of the pinion and conformity of pinion teeth
  • 4 different types of fixed gears
  • 6 types of mobile gears
  • >50 different controls
  • Sorting of defective gears
  • <30 s cycle time

Full automated turnkey measuring project

Robot loading

Gageline solution with tactile sensors

  • 100 percent automated production control
  • Optical management of gear diversity
  • Dynamic measurement of center distance and roundness
  • Detection of shocks on the teeth
  • Sorting and storage of defective gears
  • Automatic calibration of control stations
  • Loading, unloading, and handling of parts by 6 axis robot
  • Automatic measurement program selection
  • Gear heights tolerance 100 µm, R&R <10
  • Diameter tolerance <10 µm


  • Fully automatic
  • Detection of defective gears
  • Identification and sorting of defective parts
  • Integration of optical sensors

Fully automatic in-line measuring machine

Full automated inline measuring machine

Automatic bench gage for transmission shafts

Automatic measuring stations deliver user-independent, reproducible results. Robot-loading of the workpiece guarantees fast and precise positioning. Automatic measuring runs produce results within the given cycle times and allow for fast evaluation.

These stations are conceived in a project process in order to guarantee perfect implementation into the customer‘s production line.

Customer requirements

  • Workpiece: output transmission shaft
  • 19 dimensions to control for each part
  • Automatic in-line post-process measuring gage
  • 2 different shaft types (short and long)
  • Cycle time: 50 s per part (part load/unload included)
Full automated inline measuring machine

Gageline solution with tactile sensors

  • Fully automatic in-line inspection station with ZDB sensors
  • Implementation of 2 stations: 1 for gaging and 1 for sorting
  • Integrated conveyor linking the 2 stations
  • Sorting station
  • Measuring computer with full SPC capability and qs-STAT® certified interface
  • HMI integrated into measuring computer
  • Certified mean standard for short part, with adaptor for long part, and protective storage box
  • Manual calibration mode
  • Built-in changeover between long and short part type

Special features

  • Sorting function of defect parts
  • Unique measuring station managing diversity
  • „Plug-and-play“ workstation

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