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Visual surface inspection from Jenoptik delivers 100% quality control


两个检查系统 Visionline IPS B100 和 IPS B10 非常适合用于检查内孔表面。它们提供令人印象深刻的全面 360° 检查。在这些自动化过程中,CMOS 传感器无缝扫描钻孔内部,提供高分辨率、高对比度的图像。这意味着您即使在生产过程中也可以检查表面缺陷,例如气孔、多孔性和划痕。Optisens 软件为您的员工评估图像提供了一种简单而直观的方式

我们提供两种版本以便系统能够更好地满足您的要求。机器可以手动加载,也可以作为全自动版本提供。机器人辅助版本提供更大的灵活性。我们的多传感器系统甚至可以轻松处理复杂的检查任务 – 例如检查发动机缸体的所有外部和内部表面。

Optical Surface Inspection in small bores with B5 sensor



  • 高分辨率:即使小缺陷也可以检测到。
  • 不依赖于操作员:用全面的 360° 视图自动检查内孔表面。
  • 高质量:保持高质量要求。
  • 可靠:质量持续得到检查并保持一致。
  • 模块化:独立系统或生产线集成的检查机器。
  • 易于使用:检查系统易于操作。Optisens 软件在评估过程中提供帮助。


  • 车工业、机械工程、医疗技术:功能部件表面的视觉检查。

Sensors for optical bore inspection

Visionline B5 - optical surface inspection in bores from 5 mm

Visionline IPS B5

Visionline B5

With the Visionline B5 surface inspection system, even the smallest bores can now be inspected (>5 mm). The innovative camera and lighting technology, as well as adaptive, dynamic masking and a high resolution allow for the automated full inspection of interior surfaces within the line cycle time. The measuring systemenables fast inspection of the entire inner bore surface, the inspection and measuring of the inner contours and the evaluation of defects.

The sensors 360° lens creates an image of the entire bore surface. This means the fast and robust sensor fulfills all requirements for full product quality inspections in a concatenated installation in a production line.

  • Test diameter: from 5 mm
  • Inspection depth: up to 190 mm
  • Image sensor: CMOS technology
  • Objec tillumination:integrated, LED
  • Front collisionprotection:integrated
  • Testing time: circa 10 s (control plate)
  • Flaw detection limit: from 100 μm
  • Surfaces: matt to high-gloss finishes and textured surfaces

Visionline B20 - surface inspection in bore from 14 mm

Visionline B20

Visionline B20

The B20 test sensor gives you a 360° view of a bore hole, ensuring a complete, undistorted view of the internal bore surface of a workpiece. The image sensor automaticallyandvery quicklyidentifies typical flaws such as blowholes, porosities, and scratches in production, for example on main brake cylinders or pistons.

The complete view of the internal surface is made possible by the motion of the test sensor while a CMOS sensor simultaneously and continuously scans the internal surface. The circumference lines in the bore are displayed as circle lines in the image plane of the sensor. The test sensor can be moved very quickly thanks to the high scan rate of the ring sensor. This means very short test cycle times.

  • Test diameter: from 14 mm
  • Inspection depth: up to 240 mm
  • Image sensor: CMOS technology
  • Object illumination: integrated LED
  • Front collision protection: integrated
  • Testing time: typically around 10 s (main brake cylinder)
  • Flaw detection limit: from 100 μm
  • Surfaces: matt to high-gloss and textures surfaces
  • Object handling: cyclic testing

Visionline B100 - surface inspection in cylinder bores

Visionline B100

The B100 internal test sensor enables automatic inspection of the internal surfaces of cylinder bores with a 360° view of the bore hole. The CMOS sensor, which is inserted into the bore, scans the entire internal surface, generating high-resolution and high-contrast images. This allows you to detect flaws such as blowholes, porosities and scratches in your workpieces even during production.

This process requires no rotational movement, which means very fast image acquisition times. Our system software provides fully automatic evaluation of the images of the internal bore surface. The software is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Your employees do not require any prior experience. The B100 means an end to expensive visual inspections. The inspection results are also user-independent and objective. At the same time, the internal test sensor allows complex classifications of the surface flaws; for example, porosities can be evaluated according to indicators such as size, number and frequency. You can specify the quality level at which components are rejected as NOK. The system automatically documents the results in the form of individually customizable test statistics.

Designs of the B100

Offline system integration with manual loading

The manual loading systems are ideal for inspections of small series and prototypes. These flexible systems allow users to inspect a range of engine block types efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • For inline engines with motorized X-axis (manual also available)
  • For inline engines and Vengines. The inspection sequence is fully automatic.

Inline system integration: Above conveyor belt

Installed above the production line, the system is ideal for complete inspections in interlinked processes, minimizing cycle times on the production line. It is designed for inline engines with up to six cylinders.

Robot inspection system: Above conveyor belt

The fully automatic system can also be integrated in the production line, and does not need to be reprogrammed on each inspection. Simply enter the parameters for new engine blocks on the control panel. The inspection system is thereforeparticularly flexible.

Multi-sensor system: particularly flexible

Using a range of optical technologies, the multi-sensor system allows you to analyze cylinder bores, cylinder head gasket surfaces and processed side surfaces. The system operates at a line cycle time of just 25 seconds.


  • Test diameter: 68 – 110 mm
  • Bore depth: typically up to 400 mm
  • Image sensor: CMOS technology
  • Object illumination: integrated LED
  • Front collision protection: Iitegrated
  • Line cycle time: 22 s (4-cylinder block)
  • Flaw detection limit: 100 μm
  • Surfaces: matt to high-gloss (e.g. highlyhoned) finishesandtexturedsurfaces
  • Object handling: cyclic testing



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