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Standard components

Standard components for simple and complex measuring chains

Our dimensional metrology checks diameters, lengths, distances, shape, and position of your workpieces either with tactile or pneumatic sensors depending on measuring task and process-integration. The robustness and precision of our measuring solutions are the result of the know-how we have acquired over several decades. This experience can be found in our standard modules developed in-house and which equip our customers‘ simplest „at-line“ manual measurement gages as well as their complex measuring machines, integrated into the most efficient production lines.

Pneumatic measurement convinces with a very high resolution. It is extremely robust and insensitive to dirt, making it perfect for use under tough manufacturing conditions. Our pneumatic process meets the high standards of DIN 2271.

Tactile measurement uses contacting sensors that record the measured values extremely quickly. Typically, tactile sensors are used in multi-point measurement technology where the individual measured values must be recorded quickly in order to maintain a short cycle time.

Simple measuring chains for manual gages

Advanced measuring chains for more complex measuring stations and machines

Pneumatic measuring components

A pioneer in pneumatic, non-contact measurement technology, we are a world-renowned specialist with more than 70 years of experience. Pneumatic metrology uses air jets in combination with air to electronic converters to create a high pressure air circuit that allows sub-micron measurement of precision parts. Our pneumatic technology is capable of measuring a variety of part features, including I.D., O.D., roundness, cylindricity, parallelism, conicity and even distances between axes.

Tactile measuring components

Tactile measurement technologies offer excellent quality, reliability, and robustness. Tactile sensors are particularly suited for large tolerance ranges and for workpieces with distinctive roughness characteristics.

Digital comparators

The Pneutamic and Digitamic are electronic comparators used to visually display information from a pneumatic or tactile measurement circuit. Easy to use, they do not require any adjustment and can be used by operators without any particular expertise in metrology.

Probe satellites

Gageline PS50 & PS100

PS50 and PS100

Probe satellites function as a receiver for pneumo-electronic transducers, or LVDT tactile sensors. Each measurement circuit is attached to one channel on the probe satellite, which corresponds to an assigned I.D. in the evaluation software.

The PS50/100 probe satellites can perform dynamic or static dimensional measurements, with the option of connecting to a large variety of either Jenoptik, or other commercially available sensors.

Measuring computers

Sirius and Vega industrial computers can be combined with Tolaris Premium and Tolaris Expert evaluation soft- ware, to offer flexible solutions that help control your production processes. They are designed for dimensional measurement analysis, as well as for encoder and joystick control.

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